Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Goleman's 6 Leadership Styles

Leadership is such a broad topic studied by researchers and intellects for generations. With an array of definitions and theories behind the term, it helps to have a text like Fullan's to help harness and discern the meaning of leadership, especially as it pertains to education. Fullan quotes Goleman who organizes leadership into these 6 categories/styles:
1. Coercive—the leader demands compliance. (“Do what I tell you.”)
2. Authoritative—the leader mobilizes people toward a vision. (Come with me.”)
3. Affiliative—the leader creates harmony and builds emotional bonds. (“People come first.”)
4. Democratic—the leader forges consensus through participation. (“What do you think?”)
5. Pacesetting—the leader sets high standards for performance. (“Do as I do, now.”)
6. Coaching—the leader develops people for the future. (“Try this.”)
At first glance, I would say that I am more an Affiliative Leader. As we move forward in this class and leadership program, I hope to discover more fully the kind of leadership style I embody, so that I  may prepare to be a leader contributing to the advancement of student achievement and education.

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